These services are completely free to the client.

Reforcan makes its profit from the different companies which compete to be adjudicated the work.

  • Expert advice at all times.
  • Save time demanding estimates and comparing the different offers available.
  • Estimates from reputable companies and professionals, with proven technical expertise and reliability.
  • Save as much as 50% by comparing estimates.

Because the collaborating companies have lower costs for visiting sites, drafting estimates, capturing clients, etc., since Reforcan does this work for them.

Because all estimates are revised by an expert from Reforcan who knows market prices, thus enabling agreements to be reached with the companies to adjust their prices.

Because the collaborating companies know they are competing against each other, which means they tend to offer more competitive prices.

Reforcan sends the same measurements and information to all the selected companies, meaning that they all give an estimate for exactly the same work, so that the client only has to pay attention to the cost, timeline, and evaluation of the said companies.