What should be done before reforming a flat

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Are you thinking of reforming your flat?

Don’t get anxious, everyone makes a mountain out of it at first. You can start asking around among your friends, to see if anyone recommends a builder they know…you could be showered with suggestions, and then get even more stressed. Relax! Remodeling your flat is a very important moment, since you are about to modify the home you could find yourself living in for many years. Take your time, relax, and, above all, enjoy yourself!

What can I do to enjoy the remodeling of my flat?

A priori, it seems unlikely that anyone could enjoy themselves reforming their flat: just thinking of having to visit various professionals, explain the project to them, wait for them to give their estimate for reforming the flat, and then…the most complicated part, knowing how to compare the different estimates we have received! Let’s see what can be done…

To begin with, plan the remodeling of your flat

Make a short list or sketch of what you want to reform in your home, how you would like the layout to be, which materials you prefer…this first contact will get you involved with the design of the reforms to your flat, but without needing to dirty your hands. Set an approximate timeline, and, above all, try to fix a limit to your budget for reforming your flat. Obviously, it will be an indicative price, a price to which you should add an extra 20% approximately, for building permission and other transactions required for the reforms.

Once you have everything more or less prepared…what comes next?

 The most enjoyable part begins!

Contact Reforcan and explain what you need to the expert who visits you; he will advise you and, within a short space of time, will return a design of what you have proposed, with at least three estimates from different companies for the cost of your reforms.

How much does it cost me to contract Reforcan?

Reforcan provides this service completely free of charge to clients.

But, won’t I be able to speak to the companies?

Of course you will, once you have received the spreadsheet from Reforcan. After looking at it carefully, you then choose the remodeling proposals for your flat which interest you. Those which don’t, you reject. Once you have done this, you will have access to the contact details, will be able to speak to the chosen company, resolve your doubts, and deal with it directly.

What have you achieved by contacting Reforcan?

You have saved time, headaches, and money. You have shown your home to only one person, you haven’t moved out, and you already have a definitive estimate for remodeling your flat. Congratulations, your reforms have just started…welcome to Reforcan!

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